Contra 30 – Programming


Here is your programming schedule for Contra 30

All additions and changes will be at Registration


Opening Ceremony 7 PM Upper Ballroom
Noob Raffle After Opening Ceremony
Burlesque show 9 pm Upper Ballroom




How to host a podcast

10 AM Regency

11 AM Regency

12:30 PM Regency

Make your own Pasties


1:30 PM Imperial

2 PM Regency

Cookie Orgy

Ninja Parade

Vaudeville Meeting   (Mandatory)

3 PM Ballroom

3 PM Ballroom

3:30 PM Ballroom

The Python Monty 4 PM Regency
Animated Blood and Gore

Puppets for fun & Profit

Chili contest

Burlesque Q & A

5 PM Regency

5 PM Imperial

5:30 PM Con Suite

6:30 Regency


Animated Music Videos

8 PM Ballroom

10 PM Ballroom


Charity Auction 12 PM Ballroom
Closing Ceremony 3 PM Ballroom

Programming Event Descriptions

RWBY: Life and Times at Beacon

A fan compiled panel regarding Rooster Teeth’s production! Join us in the discussion and presentation of volumes 1-5

Animated Blood and Gore

Love gory anime?  Have a favorite to discuss and share?

Yuri Love

Love some girl on girl action?  Come join the discussion and presentation of this wonder in anime!

Vocaloids and You!

Wonder how this awesomeness of Japanese culture plays in your everyday life? Join in on the discussion and presentation of your favorite vocaloid!

Noob Raffle

Never been to Contra? Welcome!  We’ll auction you off to someone who will show you around and help you become more familiar with the goings on at Contra.

The Python Monty

Come hear Corwyn discuss tentacle porn for an hour.

Puppets for fun and profit

Come hear Justin’s story and hug a puppet, with possibly a chance to build your own.

How to podcast 101 and Live interview with Tracee Lee Cocco

Learn the basics of podcasting and participate in a live recording with Star Trek’s Tracee Lee Cocco.

Burlesque Q & A

Come join Bonny, and maybe a few others, for a panel sharing their experiences and FAQ for people who want to know what it’s all about and what’s behind the scenes.

Make your own pasties*

Learn how to make “Old School” fidget spinners.  This class is open to everyone.

* $5 craft fee to help cover costs.

Vaudeville meeting

If want to be in the vaudeville show or thinking you might want to be in it, come to this meeting.  It will be short. Please bring your music with you.

Ninja Parade

Come see the best Ninjas around!

Animated Music Videos

Come dance, sing, or just watch awesome animated videos in the ballroom.