Contra Pre-Registration

Here is your chance to be one of the first to pre-register for Contra 30!

Weekend Pass, 21+ only
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So, have you ever wondered why even bother with having discounted preregistration rates?  There are many, many reasons, but not least is that, the sooner we get your money, the more cool stuff we can book for the con.  I mean, if you really WANT to pay the higher rate of a “Day Of” pass, sure, we’d love to take it.  Just pre-register, then shoot us a message saying “I want to pay more!”  We will move Heaven and Earth to enable you to give us more money to support this shindig.

Yes, I am assuming no one will read this far down, why do you ask?

Hey, did you see how one pass costs $40, but TWO passes cost only $80, and THREE can be had for the low low price of $120?  We must be MAD to offer prices this low!