GoH – Dave Dalton


We are very excited to announce one of our Guests of Honor : David Dalton, owner of Hammerspace in KC!

David is an achieved maker and mad scientist.   From his website:

“I have designed and rewired homes and factories. I have rebuilt engines and designed and built factory robotics.  I’ve built antler catapults and paper rocket launchers. I have built animated zombies and alien robots. I am the creator of many tentacled monstrosities and electromagnetic crane games. I’ve built Ruben’s Tubes and Flame Organs.  I’ve built my sons a TARDIS bedroom and turned a sonic screwdriver into a TV-B-GONE.  I have programmed our workshop with a psychotic neat freak AI announcer named IRIS.  I have brought to perfection the crudely conceived of a machine that could not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors but also synchronize a cardinal gram meter: The Quantum Encabulator.  I have repaired the 3D printer way too many times.

Next I want to help you build that thing you’ve been thinking about.”


And David promises to bring some really cool maker toys for Contra-rians to play around with!