Contra 26 Guests of Honor


Pete Abrams is the renowned creator, author and artist of the immensely popular webcomic Sluggy Freelance. Launched in 1997 online and collected into 13 print volumes and counting. It has also inspired the creation of Sluggy Freelance themed card and role playing games. Also rumored to be a damn nice guy.


jason carterJason Carter is a world renowned actor of stage and screen, notorious for his excellent portrayal of himself in a starring role at Contra 24, but perhaps slightly more well known for his role as Ranger Marcus Cole in Babylon 5. We are pleased to welcome him back!



tara andrus 2Tara Andrus is a renowned special effects and make-up artist, arts for which her skill is only rivaled by her ability to put up with Jason. She promises to demonstrate two out of three of these skills live, come find out which two!