GoH: RJ Huggins, Chris Moore, and Randall Aviks of Black Raven Comics

RJ HUGGINS, Writer & Creator

A wichita native, RJ has had a lifelong affinetity for comics, anime and science fiction in general. He is the founder of Black Raven Comics and co-founder of Eagles Realm LLC. His creative works include being the author/creator of “The Stormhammer Saga” series as well as the creative force behind Black Raven’s newest manga project “Space Pirate Takeo”. Born in 1969, he arrived just in time for the first lunar landing and Woodstock – no wonder the 60’s are still such a blur for him!

CHRIS MOORE, Penciler & Layout Artist

Chris has been putting pen to paper all his life. Being the artist and designer on Stormhammer Saga has been the chance to fulfill the same dream of every kid who grew up reading comics. Besides being an illustrator, he is a professional graphic designer, and an avid student of medieval history, especially Scottish, Viking, and German cultures. Coincidentally, he’s sure he was born at least 500 years later than he should have been.


Randall is a talented illustrator and graphic artist in his own right. Randall has put down the inks on “The Stormhammer SAGA” and is laying down the pencils and inks for Black Raven Manga’s “Space Pirate Takeo” as well as handling character design. You might also recognize Randall as Liven the vampire from the cult classic vampire movie Darkness, filmed by Leif Jonkers in Wichita, Kansas. Be sure to ask Randall about his upcoming zombie film role!

BLACK RAVEN COMICS is a comic book publishing company based in Wichita, Kansas. Their first series is STORMHAMMER SAGA: Dawn of the New Viking Age.