What is Contra?

What can we say about Contra? We’re a unique convention with a flavor and experience found nowhere else. Contra has a tiny bit of every con, and some things found only at our con!  We can say that it is a Sci-fi/Fantasy-themed relaxacon for those 21 and up: Minimal programming with maximum enjoyment! Or you can believe that we are a long-term experiment in the social engineering of fandom. Socializing and expressionism at its best (and sometimes most…“colorful”, heh).

Our programming tends towards ratings of PG-13 to R. Dress as you like: dress up or dress down! Come as you like: yourself or someone else! Party as you like: in bed by 10 or up ‘til dawn! Come see our Fire Show, be a part of our unique Vaudeville Show, or join in the Pool of Maximum Occupancy! Come listen (and talk to!) our fabulous Guests of Honor! There’s so much to do, with lots of friends to help you do it. We’re a small con that’ll make you think twice about what a small con can do!
So, what can we say about Contra? Contra: A con that needs to be experienced to be explained.